DIGGING DEEPER Encounters with Jesus wk 2

“Life’s not fair!”  We’ve all heard it.  We may have even found ourselves saying it a time or two.  Children hate to see their siblings get a different consequence than they did for the same action.  Teens can’t understand why something is ok for one person, but not for them.  And as adults, we get frustrated when we see injustice that isn’t punished when we just got a speeding ticket.  Seriously….isn’t there a lot worse going on in our world?  We scream “Life’s not fair!”

Read Luke 15:11-32 

What do you see is not fair?


How would you respond to the brother’s squandering if you had been working diligently and obeying the rules? 


What is Jesus trying to reveal to us through this parable (example)?



What does this reveal about who God is to you?



Read Psalm 103:10

What does this verse tell us about fairness and who God is?


Write a prayer thanking God for his mercy and compassion on you.  Thank Him for His daily presence and forgiveness in your life and ask Him to help you not to compare but to be grateful for what He has done for You.

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