DIGGING DEEPER Encounters with Jesus wk 3

Surrender is about giving up control over our lives to allow God to lead and guide us.  It’s about letting go and opening our hands to what He has for us. 


Read the following verses. In each verse, what is being let go of and what is being embraced?

Romans 12:1-2


Luke 9:23-24


Galatians 2:20


2 Corinthians 5:17


Hebrews 12:1-2


Read Luke 9:57-62 

We might be tempted to think that Jesus was being harsh in not allowing this man to grieve his father’s death, but that isn’t what Jesus was trying to say.  What do you think he was trying to say?  (hint:  the title above the passage in my Bible says “the cost of following Jesus”)






What have you been holding on to that has kept you from embracing Jesus? 



Are you willing to surrender?  Write a prayer below:

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