DIGGING DEEPER Encounters with Jesus wk 4

Based on this each week’s sermon, you have the opportunity to go a little deeper in your personal relationship with Jesus by walking through the following study.  Dig a little deeper this week!  If you have any questions or would like some help, please contact Pastor Joy.

Many people were cheering and chanting as Jesus came to town!  The King was coming!  Raise your palm branch!  Hosanna!  Hosanna in the highest!!Some people got it and others didn’t. Some people embraced Jesus’ coming and others didn’t.  Who was this man? Based on the Scripture below, who was Jesus?  Write out your thoughts next to each set of verses.

Matthew 11:2-6


Matthew 3:16-17


John 1:32-34


There’s something about the laughter and praise of children.  Have you ever heard children sing their praises to God?  They are uninhibited.  They don’t have to have the right words.  They just say it.  They just pray what’s on their heart.  Read Matthew 21: 14-17 again.  Jesus rebuked the leaders who didn’t want to hear the praises of the children.  Maybe because they had forgotten why they were there.  Spend a few minutes just praising God for coming to earth for you!   Let your praise be uninhibited!  Write out a few thoughts below:

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