Our Mission
Our Values

CORE VALUES:  Living a life of WORSHIP

Worship– A lifestyle expressed in private consistency and corporate unity

(personal integrity)


Outreach- Lost people matter to God, thus they ought to matter to our church

 (a heart for the lost)


Relationships- “Life change” happens best in small groups and informal

                                gatherings because body life encourages transparency

                              and authenticity    (a love for all people)


Service- A commitment to use our talents and spiritual gifts in ministry.  (ministry)


Holiness- The good news is that God accepts us as we are, but the great news

           is that He doesn’t leave us that way  (intimacy with God)


Instruction- Who you are is more important than what you know or

 what you do  (Biblical authority) 


Prayer- Intentional time in God’s presence, recognizing our dependence  on God

and desire to trust Him with our life   (communication with God)
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